BRI Development, LLC Has Entered Into A Purchase Option Agreement With Sinclair Village, LLC


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BETHLEHEM, NH — BRI Development, LLC, a member-owned subsidiary of Bethlehem Reimagined, Inc. announced it has entered into a purchase option agreement with Sinclair Village, LLC, the owner of the parcel on the corner of Main and Agassiz Streets in Bethlehem, the site of the former Sinclair Hotel. The Sinclair, one of Bethlehem’s grand hotels, was destroyed by fire in 1978.

BRI Development recently received approval of its Brownfields AssessmentApplication to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). This assistance provides funding to complete environmental due diligence activities at the site that will inform BRI Development’s decision whether to exercise the purchase option agreement. These activities will be conducted by Sanborn Head & Associates, NHDES’ environmental consultant. As a non-profit entity, BRI Development will be eligible for funding sources not available to the current owner. If purchased, BRI Development’s goal is to secure funding, implement remediation options, and pursue redevelopment opportunities for the site for the benefit of the Bethlehem community. “We are very pleased and fortunate to work with Sinclair Village and NHDES on this unique opportunity to assess what is needed to clean-up the site with an eye toward purchasing and revitalizing this important parcel in the center of Bethlehem” said Paul Greenlaw, President of Bethlehem Reimagined. “This is a first step, but ultimately, with robust community input and support, we want to see this property have a new life on Main Street.” The Brownfields Program looks forward to assisting this project through the work of BRI Development, Sinclair Village, and the community, to remediate and revitalize a key component of downtown Bethlehem.

About Bethlehem Reimagined and BRI Development Bethlehem Reimagined, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)3, New Hampshire Non-Profit organized for charitable purposes to provide economic, community and general business support to existing and prospective business ventures within the Town of Bethlehem, N.H. BRI Development LLC is a limited liability company, New Hampshire Non-Profit established to conduct real estate development activities that support Bethlehem Reimagined’s mission. For more information, please contact: Paul Greenlaw or Eric Raichle at

NHDES Contact
Melinda Bubier, Project Manager for the NHDES Brownfields
Mike McCluskey, NHDES Brownfields Coordinator