Bethlehem Reimagined

Working To Revitalize and Strengthen Bethlehem's Business Community

Our Mission


Helping Current Businesses Thrive & Grow

Bethlehem has much to offer our community and those who visit throughout the year.  Bethlehem Reimagined is a New Hampshire Nonprofit Corporation that is available to advise and bring resources to existing businesses so they can expand and grow, creating new jobs and tax revenue along the way.  While we're all looking to add to the tax base, we'll be keeping eyes open for ways to help those businesses that have been the mainstay of Main Street for decades.   BRI is independent and does not accept money from corporate sponsorships.  Instead we depend solely on the generosity of private donors to meet our financial needs.


Filling In The Gaps

As new businesses come to town, the vacant lots are transformed.  Our Main Street can be so much more so our first goal is to help commercial property owners on Main Street get in contact with entrepreneurs looking to come to Bethlehem or perhaps help a resident take a home-based business to the next level.


Financial Resources - Coordination Is Key!

While money doesn't grow on trees, grants, low-cost loans and interested investors are all available to help those looking to start or expand a business in Bethlehem.  Having spent the last year working with state officials and building contacts in the business financing community, our goal is to be a resource and provide guidance for entrepreneurs so they can take advantage of funding opportunities.


Working Together To Revitalize Bethlehem

Bethlehem Reimagined - a NH Nonprofit Corporation

Main Street, Bethlehem, New Hampshire 03574, United States

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