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Board of Selectmen:  April Hibberd, Administrative Assistant    603-869-3351 x10

Fire Chief:  Jack Anderson   603-869-2272

Building Inspector:  Dave Willey    603-3351 x23

Planning/Zoning Clerk:  Debra Bayley

Bethlehem Elementary School:  603-869-5842

Profile Jr/Sr High School:  603-823-7411


Grafton Regional Development Corporation

Anne Duncan Cooley, Executive Director  603-536-2011

Bob Walker, Loan Officer  603-536-2011

Scott Stephens, Business Advisor-Grafton County 603-254-6809

Northern Community Investment Corporation

Mark Butterfield, Business Resource Manager 802-748-5101

Mike Welch, Senior Project Manager  802-748-1884

Mascoma Savings Bank - Small Business Loan Pool 

Chad Stearns, Branch Manager  603-444-5333

NH Community Loan Fund

John Hamilton, Vice President of Economic Opportunity 603-856-0729

NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs

Benoit Lamontagne, North Country Industrial Agent _  603-444-3197

North Country Council Regional Planning Commission & Economic Development District

Michelle Moren-Grey, Economic Development Planner  603-444-630


BRI is independent and does not accept money from corporate sponsorships.  Instead we depend solely on the generosity of private donors to meet our financial needs.

Bethlehem Trails Association

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