February 23, 2018 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Press Release: For more information, contact Paul Greenlaw at info @bethlehemreimagined.org

Bethlehem Reimagined, Inc. Working To Revitalize The Community

BETHLEHEM, NH — Bethlehem community members and local business owners partnered together after last year’s town meeting to form Bethlehem Reimagined, Inc., an NH Nonprofit Corporation to help revitalize and strengthen the business community in Bethlehem.

Formed by Paul Greenlaw, Eric Raichle, Carol Kerivan, Don Lavoie, and Michelle Moren-Grey to support the community, including existing and new business growth in Bethlehem by providing local entrepreneurs and developers the tools necessary to succeed and grow. “Our mission is to provide confidential access to resources such as business planning and training, risk management, guidance on navigating the planning and site review process, and networking with experienced entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and expertise to assist new businesses,” said Greenlaw, President of Bethlehem Reimagined and local business owner.

“We’ve been fortunate to develop many important local, regional and state-level economic development relationships over the past several months that will aid us in driving Bethlehem’s growth.”

As a non-profit organization, Bethlehem Reimagined will be able to accept donations and grants to help bring Main Street and beyond into the next phase of growth for the community. “We have key lots empty on Main Street with vision/plans in the works for new development,” states Eric Raichle, Vice President of Bethlehem Reimagined. “The ability to bring entrepreneurs and expanding businesses together with land owners and financing needed to create good-paying jobs is a critical part of our mission.”

Bethlehem is poised for growth. “The past few years our Main Street has grown. The revitalization of the Colonial Theatre and the addition of Balance Bethlehem brought a new vibe to the Village. Recent additions such as the new Arlington Hotel and Rek-Lis Brewery will bring visitors to town to experience our wonderful town. The proposed hotel at Baker Brook will add much-needed tax revenue to help stabilize our tax rate and getting those empty lots developed will further enhance our economy and strengthen our community.” stated Kerivan, owner of Bear Mountain Lodge B&B.

This group believes that Bethlehem is a business-friendly town. “We see development happening and we look forward to helping business owners relocate to Bethlehem or start a new venture in town,” states Don Lavoie who has years of experience on the Bethlehem Planning Board and looks forward to helping new ventures understand the town’s ordinances, regulations and permitting process. “The outlook for growth is positive, we just need to bring all the pieces together to make things happen.”

Michelle Moren-Grey will play a role in Bethlehem Reimagined, bringing her experience in community development to assist in weaving together a network that supports emerging and growing businesses. “Bringing financial resources through donations and grants to the Bethlehem community will also help shape a bright future for all residents as our town continues to grow and prosper. We also hope this growth will play a key role in bringing the best and brightest of our local graduates back to the community when they finish college. Mind flight is something New Hampshire has struggled with and we’re hopeful our efforts to create a vibrant community will turn that around.”